The Gift of Remembrance; November

By Fr. Hugh Davoren, CSSp
Hassop & Bakewell Catholic Community


This weekend we celebrate the feast of All Saints and on Monday we have the Commemoration of the Faithful departed.

November is a month to remember and one of the great gifts we human beings have is the gift of remembrance even going back decades at times. Photographs, buildings, statues, paintings, poetry, music, personal souvenirs and so much more – all help us to remember personal moments and experiences and even national experiences as well. There is a certain sombreness in the “air”. Evenings dark, many birds have migrated to warmer spots and nature itself seems to be “in between”.

As a small parish community, we’ll do our bit to remember. After Mass on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday (11th Nov.), we shall have the Act of Homage to honour the memory of all who gave the greatest sign of love for others.

During the month there is also an opportunity for people to remember as the Church remembers. It is called the month of the Holy Souls but I think it can equally be called the month of remembrance in a special way. It is true we have our anniversaries and family memories but the Church remembers its whole family at this time. It is a lovely thought to know that we are not forgotten in a prayer that is universal and offered for mankind all over the world.

I wish I could lead the whole parish community in celebrating November the way the Church would like us to celebrate it not in a morbid way but in a way of saying “You (put a name in), you are not forgotten by me”.

May we be strengthened during these dark days and nights and my thanks to all who serve and support our parish and its needs.

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