Lay Associate Spiritans

Lay Associate Spiritans

Many people, from all walks of life, in contact with Spiritans in many parts of the world, feel inspired and called to share in the charism and missions of the Spiritans.

Many have gone further to make a formal commitment to live a Spiritan way of life within the context of their everyday lives and working environment. They form the Lay Associate Spiritans.

They are many Lay Associate Spiritans in the British province, and they have grown, over the years, and have produced the ‘Lay Associate Spiritan Way of Life,’ adapted from the ‘Spiritan Rule of Life.’ This provides guidance in the following areas:

Common Vision
The Lay Associate Spiritans recognise that we are all called, through our baptism, to be holy people, striving to build up God’s kingdom on earth by living out our special Christian vocation in the context of our regular lives and works.

Lay Associate Spiritans are called as Christian to be ‘Good News’ to all whom they encounter in their daily lives, and bind themselves by their commitment to the charism and mission of the Spiritan Congregation.

The Lay Associate Spiritans meet regularly:
– to encourage and support each other,
– to grow and develop within a formation programme
– to share faith and prayers in common, like the first communities of Christians, in which all “remained faithful to the teaching of the apostles, to the brotherhood, to the breaking of bread and to the prayers” (Acts 4:42). They formed a community that is “united, heart and soul” (Acts 4:32).

Prayer is at the heart of the Lay Associate Spiritan ‘Way of Life’ for it brings union with God and leads to service of others, responding to the call of the Spirit to grow in the likeness of Christ so that God’s will might be done in us.


Contact Information

The Lay Associate Spiritans
Spiritan House
61 Leicester Road
Higher Broughton. Salford.
M7 4DA

T: 0161 792 1714
F: 0161 792 0435

Secretary General
Mrs. Eileen Knowles